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U.S. Expatriates and Nonresident Aliens

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Need help navigating the myriad of tax laws so that you can rest assured that you are up to date on US and international tax compliance filings?

Penalties for non-compliance for expatriate filings are the most severe. And foreign citizens looking to live and do business in other countries are prepared for the wonderful opportunities, but often get sidelined by the challenges from competing taxing authorities that may impact their financial wellbeing.

Central Maryland CPA tax and accounting professionals possess expertise in helping US expatriates, green card holders, and nonresident aliens keep up with complex U.S and international tax matters that apply to their unique circumstances.

While we are physically located in the United States, we service clients all over the world.  We understand many of the cultures, economies and tax structures of many foreign countries with mobile workforces.

We offer a vairety of services to meet your specific needs wherever you are navigating in the word:

  • Filing of US expat Federal and State returns
  • Non-resident alien tax returns
  • Filing for foreign business interests
  • Small business returns
  • Late tax returns (Don’t wait a minute longer!)
  • Tax planning
  • Analyzing the tax implications of buying, selling and investing in foreign property
  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) reporting
  • Fluent Korean and Mandarin speakers on staff


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